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Jacqueline Stojanovic - Bread Games - Bo

Concrete Fabric 2019, industrial metal mesh and wool, 4 x 1.8 m, photo by Christo Crocker. 


22.08.2019 - 13.09.2019

Gallery Boot

328 Napier Street, Fitzroy AU

Bread + Games presents new work by Jacqueline Stojanović conceived in 2019. Taking its title from the Latin metonymic phrase 'panem et circenses', the exhibition centres itself around the theme of reduction. Displayed on the walls and installed in the centre of the gallery are a series of mesh grids, varying in size and use, each acting as a foundation for abstract weaving. 

The Grids are an ongoing series of works that are created using wool and various types of metal mesh, from the industrial to the domestic. The first Grid was made using a domestic baking rack, and they have since developed through experiments with scale and materials to include the use of reinforced metal mesh typically used to lay cement, fencing structures, and roasting trays. The grids serve as meditations on the process of tapestry and the creation of images, all of which must function through parallel lines or pixels. Confined to the geometry of a gridded structure, wool is limited to remain taut, exposed, linear as if a drawn line made by fabric. The simplicity of their process aims to deconstruct the apparatus of the loom and further push the ideas around tapestries and carpets from the floor to the wall.

Jacqueline Stojanovic - Bread Games - Bo

Grid IV 2019, baking rack and wool, 45 x 35 cm, photo by Christo Crocker. 

Jacqueline Stojanovic - Bread Games - Bo

Grid V 2019, baking rack and wool, 40 x 26 cm, photo by Christo Crocker. 

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