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drawing folio_block projects_lo-40_edited.jpg

Left: Jacqueline Stojanović. Right: Masato Takasaka 



10.12.2019 - 01.02.2020

Block Projects (exhibition website)

Richmond AU

Curated by Justin Andrews + John Nixon

The Drawing Folio series of exhibitions is an ongoing collaboration between its curators Justin Andrews and John Nixon and its host gallery Blockprojects Gallery, Melbourne.


Drawing Folio 3: Abstraction showcases 36 Melbourne-based artists from emerging through to established. All artists have been selected because their practices involve the production of abstract drawings. Just as was the case for Drawing Folio (2009), and Drawing Folio 2: Ruler, Pencil, Time (2012) this exhibition only presents drawings.

Drawings are traditionally held as works of experimentation and preliminary study. Drawing Folio 3: Abstraction suggests that drawings are a legitimate and resolved art form in their own right containing material possibilities that are specific to their own medium


Exhibition Poster, 2019, designed by Justin Andrews and John Nixon.


Drawing Folio 3: Abstraction, 2019, installation view. 

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