2019 - ONGOING


The Grids are an ongoing series of works that are created using wool and various types of metal mesh, from the industrial to the domestic. The first Grid was made in 2019 using a domestic baking rack, and they have since developed through experiments with scale and materials to include the use of reinforced metal mesh typically used to lay cement, fencing structures, and roasting trays. The grids serve as meditations on the process of tapestry and the creation of images, all of which must function through parallel lines or pixels. Confined to the geometry of a gridded structure, wool is limited to remain taut, exposed, linear as if a drawn line made by fabric. The simplicity of their process aims to deconstruct the apparatus of the loom and further push the ideas around tapestries and carpets from the floor to the wall.



2019 - 2020


A series of collaborative works between John Nixon and I. The collaborations merge  our respective practices of constructed painting and weaving, and evidence an enduring exploration of abstraction across our different generations. The collaborative works have been exhibited in Nixon's exhibition Paired Paintings at Sarah Cottier Gallery in Sydney in 2019, along with Groups + Pairs 2016 - 2020 at Anna Schwartz Gallery in Melbourne in 2020. 





The 1mm Squares are an ongoing series of drawings made with coloured pencils on grid paper. Each drawing is created with openness and willingness to experiment with the infinite possibilities of colour and form within the given limitations of the grid's structure. The series began as a creative respite from the physical and mental focus required in my weaving practice. Unlike the process of weaving, a drawing on paper does not demand such considered planning and forethought, there is greater room to experiment and play, yet subsequently they inform broader thinking and planning for designs that can be translated into tapestry. Just as patterns for knitting and weaving exist in paper form, these too could be utilised that way, but they primarily exist as drawings to be seen only as drawings. 







A selection of countless photographs from a casual, daily practice of photo making. The photos document organic and geometric forms seen in my everyday life and are sometimes referenced directly or indirectly through abstracted forms in my weavings and tapestries. All photos are made using 35mm film leaving little room for editing or retaking, they document a single moment as is, which I view as similar to the process of weaving - to retake is simply to start again.  




A series of drawings and collages made in Stephen Ehrenhofer's workshop Learning to Fly in 2019. The works explore repetition through loose gestures and expressions of pattern making. 




Early studies for compositions for woven Grid works, negotiating colour, form and negative space.