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Keeping In Touch



Three rotary telephones, shelves, audio track
Dimensions variable


Three rotary telephones are shelved along a wall. As visitors interact with the work by picking up each telephone they're subjected as eavesdroppers listening to the pause between an intimate conversation.

Keeping in Touch raises concerns about the failings of traditional forms of communication by revealing the shortfall of syntax whilst attempting to expose the possibility of human and nonhuman intimacy. The exhibition fosters an unlikely communicative bond between the visitor and an innate object that continues Stojanović’s ongoing investigation into the posthuman condition. Adopting concepts form Jane Bennett’s notion of ‘vital materialism’ and Bruno Latour’s Actor-Network Theory (ANT); Stojanović explores the possibility of nonhuman objects having the potential to act and participate within social networks. - Zoe Theodore, ACCA Artblog

Three rotary telephones rewired for listening only. Image taken at the Startups shipping container, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Spring 2015

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