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Concrete Fabric

Glass Cube Gallery, Frankston Arts Centre

27-37 Daveys Street




Concrete Fabric is a satelite installation created as part of the exhibition Haus Werk: The Bauhaus in Contemporary Art at the McCLelland Sculpture Park + Gallery. Curated by Jane O'Neill with Simon Lawrie, Haus Werk forms part of the official 100jahrebauhaus program of events that celebrates the centenary of the Bauhaus in 2019. Including Australian and international contemporary artists and performers, Haus Werk affirms the relevance of methods first grounded in the Bauhaus, and explores the way these concepts have new applications across different locations and times.


Given the provisions of the unique Glass Cube at the Frankston Arts Centre I created a large-scale architectural weaving titled Concrete Fabric. This work consists of sheets of metal mesh, typically used for laying cement, covered in woven wool, which approaches the Bauhaus’ architectural principles from a weaver’s sensibilities, utilising industrial materials and maintaining an exposure of their raw qualities.

Installation images: Christian Capurro / Jacqueline Stojanović

Concrete Fabric 2019

Reinforced metal mesh and wool

8 x 1.8 m

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